House Rules

  1. Customers must remain fully clothed and not attempt to dance with the dancers
  2. Customers must be seated before a dance commences, and must remain seated during the performance with their hands behind their back or under their legs.
  3. Customers must leave the private dancing area as soon as their dance is finished
  4. Verbal or physical abusive behaviour will not be tolerated, whether directed at the dancers, staff or other customers
  5. No propositioning of the dancers
  6. There must be no touching of the dancers during a performance
  7. Customers and dancers must not exchange personal details at any time
  8. The dancer may not charge more than the set fees
  9. No camera or mobile phone video or photography is permitted
  10. No illegal substances, food or drink are allowed to be brought in to the premises and/or consumed on the premises
  11. Dress code is smart, casual. No sportswear or hats/caps.
  12. Any breach of the above will result in the customers being removed from the venue
  13. As always, management reserve the right to refuse admission


  • Krystals endeavour to maintain a safe, hospitable and enjoyable atmosphere.
  • CCTV is installed throughout the venue for the safety of the customers and staff.
  • Customers and staff should be aware that all footage may be used as evidence if requested by the police or other similar authority.
  • Drunken and abusive behaviour or the suspicion of drugs will result in permanent expulsion from the premises.